Logging In Browser

Started by MVG, Apr 18, 2023, 04:09 AM

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1. To play in browser, click "Play Here" (This link should be embedded with https://play.decentraland.org/?realm=athena&position=128%2C48&island=I71 This link should open a new tab for the user)
This will open Decentraland in your browser. Under "Playing using your wallet" Click "Continue with wallet"

2. There will be options to log in, choose MetaMask

3. Choose MetaMask, If the "Metamask Extension" (Embed this link https://metamask.io) is already installed and logged in. If Extension is not added to browser download at  https://metamask.io

4. A prompt will appear, an account will auto be selected by default. User may select multiple accounts or a different one. Click "Next" after account is chosen.

5. A prompt will appear, click "Connect"

6. A last prompt will appear, click "Sign"

7. User will arrive in Exodus. If user is not in Exodus try using this link in URL https://play.decentraland.org/?realm=athena&position=124%2C55&island=I7d 

8. User may set a location to always land in upon logging in. The top left corner has a mini map, click the 3 dots. Afterward, enable "Set Home". The home icon will appear on mini map where user is standing.